Daddy needs some feedback

With not one, but two babies in house at JDub, we’re finally turning our merchandise attentions to the all important onesie.  Below are a few rough designs we are considering.  I’d really appreciate some feedback.  Onesie could be a color, or it could remain one.  Can you respond with a comment and tell me which design is your favorite and what color onesie you think it belongs on?



6 responses to “Daddy needs some feedback

  1. Aaron & Amanda, Congratulations! What a beautiful baby Asher is. You have so many wonderful times ahead of you.

    Regarding the onesie’s, I like the tablets, and think they could look really good on any color except black, but especially light blue or green.

    The JDub NY one is also good and may have a broader appeal than the first to normal JDUB tourists in NY.

    Enjoy your son.


  2. i love the one with the two luchot with the speaker cones in them.

    mazal tov, by the way. b’ sha’ah tovah. may he bring you both much joy and may he, eventually, sleep through the night.

  3. I think my nephew would rock out in either the phonograph-head J-Dub onesie (J-Dub on the side) or the tablets w/speaker. I don’t really have a color preference.

    J Dub NY is a classic, no question, but I think these onesies are just a little more attention-grabbing.

    Miss you.


  4. Wow! Congrats – i got the news by email late – but oh, oh no loss of JoY!

    I knew something was up – and look his eyes so full of life and alert – watch out this one may have been born already fully awake!

    I think he wants to play a musical instrument – soon what do you think?

    May your joy remain for eons, may peace reign supreme in your home, may the sages rejoice at the site of Asher, and May JDub records prosper and grow – May you be blessed with new tallent who stays on board!

    And may music pour forth from under the Throne like the waters of Zion herself!

    Love – Yisrael and Rick

  5. I like the top left, top right, and bottom left…for the onsie that is.

    Mazel tov! We can’t wait to see you guys again, although I’m thinking Israel/San Francisco might be a bit harder these days.


  6. May your son bring you much nachat. May you be as proud of his, as your dad is of you.

    Best always…


    The Abrams

    OH– The onsie! JDub NY.

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